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Hazardous Waste

Our environmental division will assist you with site and route risk assessments, environmental training, spill kits and other environmental products.

We believe in sharing information and skills with our clients allowing them to better manage the business they have.

Our web page is designed to give you as much useful information as possible.

A hazardous spillage is the one event we all do our best to prevent, however, we should be prepared to deal with one should it occur. You should have an agreement with a specialized spill response company you know and can trust.

You can trust us to both protect your reputation and the environment, while incurring only the expenses genuinely required. We understand you are the client and your interests should be protected.

radioactive “Radioactive waste is a waste product containing radioactive material. It is usually the product of a nuclear process” – Wikipedia corrosive “A corrosive substance is one that will destroy or irreversibly damage another surface or substance with which it comes into contact. The main hazards to people include damage to the eyes, the skin, and the tissue under the skin.” – Wikipedia
gasoline “Gasoline, or petrol, is a petroleum-derived liquid mixture which is primarily used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. It is also used as a solvent, mainly known for its ability to dilute paints.” – Wikipedia combustible “Spontaneous combustion is a type of combustion which occurs without an external ignition source.” – Wikipedia

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