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General Waste Services


  • Waste Collection – We are here to service our clients, no matter the area for collection, no matter the time. We offer a tailor-made solution for your waste removal. We guarantee to place the correct waste containers that will suit your needs. We will collect at a time that suits you best and work together with you when urgent needs arise. We record your waste with our documents, and you will always have a document from us to confirm when a load has been collected and the details of the date and description of our disposal. If your waste stream has been classified and needs treatment before disposal, our status as a fully-fledged hazmat company will ensure the safe and responsible treatment and disposal of your waste. 

  • Recycling – At Hazclean, we are deeply invested in the respect and aid to the environment. It is our responsibility to recycle and it can also generate an income for our clients as well. We can recycle on site or we can collect your recyclables and recycle at our Depot on your behalf. Once we have segregated your waste, it is then sold, and you are paid rebates for the waste materials sold.

  • Total Waste Management (On-Site Waste Management) – We provide this service so that you do not have to concern yourself with waste management, giving you more time to focus on managing your business. We work with all industries, schools and universities. We place highly trained and responsible sorters on site, who book collections when your bins are full and who sort your recyclables. We will manage your hazardous waste on site i.e. oil drums for recycling, fluorescent tube boxes, dry hazardous waste for collection etc. If there are spills on site, we, as a Spill Response and Industrial Cleaning company, will be able to contain spills for you.

There will always be clean bins for your waste storage and sorting. We can place cages, sorting frames and/or colour code your yard for education and awareness purposes. Every client and organization is different, so how your site is managed will be customized to your needs. We ensure that all your Health and Safety regulations are met.

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