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Super Sucker & Separator Pits

Super Sucker & Separator Pits

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Our super sucker is trailer mounted, allowing us to use multiple containers while cleaning. This means that cleaning can continue while a truck removes and empties waste. Our super sucker is able to suck up a 1000lt per minute of liquid or remove heavy sludge from tanks and pits. 

Hazclean has decades of experience in dealing with separator pits and their maintenance. Your safety and business is our priority, so we are happy to share our expertise. 

Separator pits

  • Inspect regularly as part of your site audit checklist
  • Separator should be cleaned when oil starts to build up in pit 2
  • Pit 3 should be oil and sludge free
  • Ensure that exit is unobstructed and flowing freely
  • Ensure that water is exiting into sewer and that the PH falls between 6.5 and 9
  • Pit should be inspected and repaired (if needed) after each clean
  • Contact us for a maintenance and cleaning procedure that will save you money

Do not’s

  • Do not allow anyone to enter your pit without air testing or proper confined space entry procedure
  • Do not allow a contractor to charge you disposal costs for water he has removed from your pit
  • Do not allow sludge level in pit 1 to reach and block the exit pipe to pit 2
  • Do not allow oil to build up in pit 3

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