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Specialized Pumping

Specialized Pumping



Pumping of liquids presents its own set of challenges, be it flushing when pumping fuel, corrosion when pumping chemicals or solids when doing effluent or dredging. Hazclean has the correct pumping equipment to remove almost any product.  We have flameproof pumps, chemical pumps, gear pumps, air pumps, water pumps, dredging and sewer pumps, dewatering pumps, super suckers and submersible pumps.

Most of our pumps are diesel or air driven self priming pumps they are mobile and can be used in almost any location.

We have a wide range of hoses and couplings that allow us to make sure our transfer equipment is compatible to your needs.

Whether you need tanks emptied, flooded areas cleared, basements pumped or products removed, Hazclean will have a solution to your requirements.



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