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24Hr Association

Road Spill Response

Hazclean is a specialised Road Spill Response company with the ability to handle difficult tasks professionally and safely.  

We are proud members of the 24 Hour Spill Response Alliance and as such can offer our clients a National spill response contract by Sasol-approved responders, 24 hours a day, seven days a week with pre-agreed rates.

The internal standards and SOP’s have been developed with years of experience and knowledge of the industry.

Our environmental division will assist you with site and route risk assessments, environmental training, spill kits and other environmental products.

We believe in sharing information and skills with our clients allowing them to better manage the environmental risks they face.  We will train your staff to handle small road spills themselves and contain larger ones.  Your spill kits and trained staff will prevent the road spill from spreading and thus reduce clean up time and costs.  We will assist you with road spill plans and emergency procedures.

Every company that consumes, stores and manufactures or transports a hazardous material should have a road spill response plan and contract in place.  When you have a road spillage you want a response company on scene that you can trust.  A company, with a proven track record for making decisions and taking action that can protect both you and the environment and at the same time minimizes costs and damage.  Every road spillage is different and the way it is approached and handled makes a huge difference to the clean up time and costs.  You will also enjoy peace of mind knowing you have pre-agreed rates in place for any event in any part of the country.

We will add value to your business and at the same time save you money.  If you ever have an incident you can trust us to use only the best products and equipment required to do the clean up and to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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