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Cross Pumping and Upliftment

Cross Pumping and Upliftment


Hazclean is capable of cross pumping an entire load or just part of it to correct weight distribution or overload. We can uplift from underground tanks in case of contamination or product recovery. We have fittings that connect to both road and rail tankers. If you need a contractor who understands and manages the risk, who is familiar with the compartments in your truck, the tanks and storage on a service station site or who will flush lines to the dispensing bowsers on the service station forecourt after a contamination, Hazclean is the partner you can trust. We have fuel industry approved pumping equipment that can pump up to 200lt per minute.

If your vehicle is over loaded or needs the load shifted we are capable of both. We have the storage capacity to allow us to remove the load and store it safely in our yard until you can collect it.

Hazclean will also correct dry loads. We have a forklift on our premises 24/7 and can move it to your vehicle as required. We also have a 8 ton crane truck based in Pietermaritzburg (central for the N3), which can be utilized for any heavy lifting or moving of loads that you may require. 




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