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COVID-19 Professional Cleaning

Why should you use our services? You could save someone’s life! #thinkaboutit


COVID-19 has brought about uncertainty, fear and an unpredictable future. A Hazclean Team gets ready

Hazclean Environmental provides services to our clients that promote trust and lessen risk. As an essential service we will continue to operate. We will never compromise our standards by cutting corners, ensuring we remain a service provider that is trusted as an uncompromising leader in our industry.

We are one company with a full solution and a Nationwide footprint with 24-HR accessibility!  Partnering with us will give you access to over 65 years of experience in pollution control, environmental and specialised cleaning.

What sets us apart from our competitors? Experience, ethics and passion. We are here to assist and educate our clients. When asking people to expose themselves to a possibly dangerous environment, make sure the service provider is qualified and trained. General cleaning contractors don’t work in these environments every day, they don’t understand decontamination or the correct habitual use of PPE. Hazclean staff work daily in these environments.  We are a Sasol approved Hazmat response company, this being the highest industry standard. Let us assist you in a way that will not compromise any human lives.

How can you protect yourself and your employees?

We need to change our behaviour. The reality is that many companies have closed during the 21-day lockdown.  A responsible employer and citizen should work together to minimize the risks of spreading the COVID-19.

  • Educate your staff and family
  • Sanitizer should be available at the entrance & exit
  • Regularly disinfect surfaces
  • All shopping trollies should be cleaned before and after use
  • Put up reminders for your staff and family to regularly and thoroughly wash their hands
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Clean your cell phone
  • Stand at least 1 metre apart from each other
  • Don’t shake hands
  • Isolate from others if you are ill

Have you thought of the process goods go through before reaching a home? From manufacturing, packing, transporting and delivering to buying, transporting, unpacking and utilizing? Sanitize your shopping! The COVID-19 virus is known to stay on surfaces for hours or even days!


How can we help? We offer 3 services to assist you.

  1. Once off / panic clean.
    Put yourself at ease and book a once-off clean for your shop, office or even your home. For companies or individuals who feel they might have been exposed to the COVID-19, a full disinfectant package where all is cleaned with sanitizers that eliminate the virus is available.

  2. Weekly preventative
    Together we can fight the COVID-19 with a weekly preventive clean of your shop, offices or even your home. Rather safe than sorry. This package will allow you peace of mind knowing all surfaces and touchable areas have been properly disinfected and cleaned. Let us do it the right way!

  3. Monthly contract
    Partner with us and secure your weekly disinfectant service at better rates. This package will allow you a weekly scheduled disinfectant cleaning with 2 weeks cancellation notice required. 

Do you disinfect your car? Shopping? Phone? You should be! Posters will be given to recognise responsible companies.

Socialised responsible certificate (A4) – Sanitized weekly poster (A2)

How it’s done:

  • We receive YOUR CALL and a crew is scheduled.
  • All our staff are thoroughly trained and have all the correct equipment to deal with the cleaning process. New white Tyvek suits, dust masks, protective goggles and gloves are given for each job.
  • All rags used are sealed in a bag and safely disposed of through our waste division.

You can protect your employees and family!


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083 675 1521

Call now 083 675 1521

Just looking for sanitizing products, including dispensers and foggers, you can view some of our sanitizer products here.

We can also offer Social distance floor markers.



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